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Pangea's Global Internet Fax Network empowers Licensed Operators with the world's largest and most efficient network for the delivery of international faxes. The Pangea Network is a cooperative network. That is to say, each member of the Pangea Network can, not only originate fax traffic locally, but also deliver fax traffic locally from other Operators on the network. Operators delivering fax traffic from other Operators on the network also earn a commission for each fax they deliver through their local Concert Fax Server.

Service Features:

The Pangea Network
  • World's Most Extensive Network
  • Dynamic Least-cost Routing
  • Multiple Hub Centers
  • Automatic Re-routing
  • Multiple Routing Possibilities and Redundancy
  • Central Routing

The Pangea Network is centrally controlled and closely monitored to ensure Licensed Operators the lowest cost and highest completion rate in the industry. For regions or countries where there is not yet a Pangea Operator, faxes will route to one of two central hubs and be delivered through one of multiple carriers.

The Pangea Network Provides Your Clients With:

  • Highly Reliable International Fax Delivery
  • Automatic Retry for Busy and Voice Answered Calls
  • High Encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Fax Transfer Over the Internet
  • Multiple Carrier and/or Node Delivery Points

As part of the standard service offered by Pangea, all Operators may participate in the Pangea Network. Operators on the Pangea Network enjoy the benefits of not having to closely monitor their fax traffic and success rates. Often Pangea will quickly notice any troubled routes or destination countries and quickly resolve the issue before end-users even know there is a problem.

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