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Concert Internet Fax Server Solution is specifically designed for service providers including CLECs, ISPs, NextGen Telcos and Telecommunications Service Providers. Concert can enhance a service provider's product offering creating powerful new revenue streams, customer loyalty reducing churn and improved business productivity for its clients.

Service Features:

Concert Internet Fax Server Solution comes complete with:

  • Private Label Capabilities
  • Multi-brand Capabilities
  • Web Administration Interface
  • Real-time Web Reporting for Administrators and Users
  • Pre-pay and Post-pay Capabilities
  • Multiple Rating Plans
  • Customized Reporting Capabilities
  • Unmatched Flexibility
  • Pangea's Global Internet Fax Delivery Network

Become a Licensed Operator today and offer your clients the benefits of the Concert Internet Fax Server Solution and the Global Pangea Network. Service providers such as Internet Service Providers, VOIP companies, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers and NextGen Telcos find Concert to be an ideal solution for a additional revenue streams and reducing churn.

Concert Fax Solution combines all these fax tools into one simple to use system:

Email to Fax
Enables your clients to send an email to any fax number in the world. Concert Fax will handle the most popular types of attachments and deliver them as a fax. Clients can continue to utilize their existing mail client and receive fax confirmations via email or by viewing the status report on the web site.

Fax to Email
Empower your clients with their own ‘Virtual Fax’ number. Clients can receive their own fax number from an Operator and each fax is delivered to the client’s email box. Clients can then send and receive faxes from anywhere they have access to the Internet.

PC to Fax
PC to Fax acts like a printer on your client’s PC. PC to Fax enables the client to fax any document they can print. PC to fax also provides for real-time status reporting of each fax sent on the client’s PC and offers additional features such as an address book and resend capabilities.

Fax to Fax
Offer your clients seamless Fax to Fax services at lower cost and with value-added features.

Web to Fax
A simple web page enabling registered clients to fax from any browser regardless of their location. Web to Fax can be integrated into an Operator's own web site. Web to Fax is an ideal solution for faxing while traveling.

Fax Broadcast
Enable your client to send the same fax to one or a thousand or more recipients with a single click of their mouse from their own PC.


With Concert Fax, Operators can integrate or build their own application and utilize the Pangea Network to deliver faxes worldwide.

Voice Messaging
Voice Messaging allows users to receive voice messages in their email box in the same way they receive fax messages.

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