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Pangea Licensed Operators Pangea's Licensed Operators possess high-margin, value-added products that are in high-demand throughout the world. Today's businesses rely on communications more than ever before and of this, fax transmission comprises an integral part. The international fax market is estimated to exceed $80 billion coupled with an annual growth rate in excess of 15%. Additionally, Fax to Email service is growing at an exponential rate.

Service Features:

Pangea Operators can expect gross profit of 70% or more on all faxes originated by their clients while offering substantial discounts over the local telephone company's rates. Gross margins for Fax to Email can exceed 80%. Operators can earn additional revenues simply by facilitating the termination of other Pangea Operator's fax traffic destined for their country or region.

The Value-added features of Concert ensure continued high-margin solutions and revenue generating services. Pangea continues to develop new products and features on a continuous basis while also adding substatially to the global Pangea Network, driving cost down and quality of service up.

Create a New Revenue Stream

Many Pangea Operators have found offering fax services through Concert as a valuable new source of revenue coupled with their traditional businesses such as CLECs, ISP and ITSPs.

Reducing Churn

In todays hyper-competitive communications market, it is more important than ever to provide your clients with a complete communications solution. Concert will add great value to your other communications service offering and help reduce churn by locking in your customers with services they cannot easily find elsewhere.

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