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Concert's Fax to Fax service enables Licensed Operators to provide low-cost, high-margin and highly reliable international Internet fax transmissions to Corporate users in their local markets. Concert utilizes the global Pangea Network to deliver faxes internationally eliminating the problems associated with international long distance fax calling including poor line quality and high cost. The Pangea Network is a highly efficient and dynamic Internet Fax network designed to automatically choose the lowest cost, highest quality route for each fax destination.

Service Features:

Concert's Fax to Fax offers:

  • Transparency--Clients May Continue to Fax as They Always Have*
  • Lower Cost Utilizing the Global Pangea Network
  • Real-time Web Reporting and Resend Capabilities
  • Web-based Management Reporting for Cost Controls
  • Automatic Retry for Busy for Higher Completion Rates
  • Customizable Confirmation Reporting
  • SSL Encrypted Transmission for Security and Privacy
  • Real-time Web Reporting and Web Resend Capabilities

Concert's Fax to Fax servers, as with all Concert Fax Servers, come complete with:

  • Email to Fax**
  • Fax to Email
  • PC to Fax (Print Driver Client)
  • Web to Fax**
  • Fax to Fax
  • Internet Fax Services
  • On-ramp Fax Services

*Operators will need to provide autodialers for transparency of Internet Fax to Fax Services.
**Email to Fax Services and Web to Fax Services require Operator-provided rendering PC.

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