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Concert's Fax Broadcast provides the capability for Licensed Operators to offer Fax Broadcasting services to their clients creating an additional revenue stream. All Concert servers come with Broadcast Fax capabilities and can be configured and scaled to meet the needs of the Operator and the local market. Fax Broadcast can be sent locally, nationally (in the Operator's country) or internationally utilizing the Pangea Global Internet Fax Network for low-cost, high-success fax transmissions. As with all Concert Fax Servers, Operators may also provide, email to fax, fax to email, PC to Fax, Internet Fax and Web to Fax in addition to using the Broadcast Fax feature.

Service Features:

Concert Fax Broadcast

  • Send The Same Fax to 100, 1,000+ Recipients At The Same Time
  • Real-time Web Management Reporting
  • High Quality Pangea Network for Global Delivery
  • Low Infrastructure Costs
  • Customizable Fax Header Including Sender's and Recipient's Name and Fax Number

Concert's Fax Broadcast receives faxes and recipient list for broadcasting directly from client via the Internet using the PC to Fax client so the client can easily manage their own lists. Clients may maintain their list in spreadsheet format for easy maintenence.

Fax Broadcast is an Ideal Solution for:

  • Tourism Marketers
  • Financial Services Companies
  • Companies With Large Customer Bases (pricing changes, promotions)
  • Government Agencies
  • Business to Business Retailers
  • Airlines

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